26 High Amp Trivia Surges That Tripped Our Breakers

26 High Amp Trivia Surges That Tripped Our Breakers

Dear Readers, we've compiled a list of all the most intriguing historical and scientific strange facts we’ve ever posted on this dang website for you to appreciate. So, if you’d be so kind, scroll to the bottom of this article and prepare to be as shocked as we were.

It’s time for YOU to take control of conversations by  bringing up one of these cool yet inconceivably strange facts  that will get everybody talking! It totally works, at least sometimes. 

For example, did you know Sandra Bullock had a role in inspiring online pizza delivery? We knew she was one of our faves for a reason.

We can't guarantee that these fascinating facts will stay with you forever...they'll be floating somewhere in there, though. They're now yours to do with as you will. So if you are looking to install some new bits of info into your waiting gray matter, waste no time--scroll on down and absorb this feast of tantalizing info.

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