Everyone can have a bad day at their job, even trading card manufacturers. But for most of us, collectors aren’t trying to hunt down our screw-ups to sell them for massive amounts of cash to people that want to see C3PO’s penis. 

We've all had failure stories, I'm sure. Some of us are interested in sharing them with the rest of the civilized world, while others will never speak or understand them even if they are embarrassing. Whenever it comes to embarrassing fails, we assume that individuals should always keep a sense of humor.

Bill Gates had it smoother than anyone else because he first decided to start. His first company failed, as well as when he was still an outstanding CEO; he made several critical errors at Microsoft.

If you've been setting up a business and aren't sure how it will work out, don't worry: you're not alone. Even the wealthiest man on the planet faces difficulties from time to time.

Do you not believe me? Even Bill Gates messed up five times.

Cracked has discovered 13 incidents in which people wished again for the ground to gulp down the whole. They smile now when they recall those events.

A tired artist made a dick on a Disney castle. SICS THE LITTLE WALT HOME Disney VIDEO MERMAID MERMAID THE LITTLE GRACKED.COM The penis on the cover of The Little Mermaid VHS box art was drawn by a sleep-deprived ad man. The original uncensored box can go for over $100.

Source: Snopes

Two cards, both alike in misprints JOHN FRANKLIN SAIN Pinchen New York Yonkeen 49 35. 1918. Home Ark Newpert, Ink. Bern Sept. Hair Black be Thream Right Pine Eyes Blue NUTS Wt. 145 Rate Right The NY Yankee relief pischer since 1944, Joe spear the 1951 wake и Kansas City and San Francisco In 1948 and 1949 be voit to the mound more times than NOT pitcher is the American League Не bad ي 14-8 record 1947 and 13-8 in 49 when be was choora on the Major League All Star Team Bothered VS bed arm in 31. Joe expects to come

Source: PAS Cards

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