As avid gamers ourselves, we can confidently say it's probably better when we stay safely ensconced in a windowless room, bathed only in the dim flicker of an aging Alienware beef horse.The fact is, when we get out into the world, most normies have no idea what their in for.

When properly utilized, it’s amazing what a group of gamers can do. If this list is anything to go by, we could have eradicated cancer years ago if we got a World of Warcraft guild to fight it. Here’s a myriad of ways that gaming has positively (and negatively) impacted the actual real world.

For example, did you know that playing Tetris after trauma positively affects rates of healing and recovery? Pretty wild right? It can even help stop the formation of bad memories.

Turns out that a game called QuestaGame functions just like Pokemon snap, but helps people identify rare planet and animals in real life.

What are you waiting for? Don't press pause, scroll down and level up!

Tetris, when played after a trauma, positively affects people. СНПЧУ CRACKED.COM Research has shown that playing everyone's favorite Russian puzzle can stop the formation of bad memories associated with trauma.

Source: NPR

Tetris also reduced addictive tendencies in patients. IIEL 7:Left I 3 G:Speed 1:Draw next up 4:Drop 2 SPACE : Drop 1 Next: - Plan TETRIS CRACKED.COM Another study shows that a three-minute bout of any visually-interesting game can help reduce addict-like cravings for drugs, food, and sex.

Source: The Atlantic

Pokemon GO made people hunt for monsters literally everywhere. 35 GRACKED COM The gaming phenomenon caused people to break laws like trespassing and loitering, and various venues (like holocaust museums) ended up banning it.

Source: USA Today

Game makers created a government body to oversee video game censorship. EARLY CHILDHOOD TEEN EVERYONE EVERYONE 10+ ® ® T . E C E CONTENT RATED BY CONTENT RATED BY CONTENT RATED BY CONTENT RATED BY ESRB ESRB ESRB ESRB MATURE 17+ ADULTS ONLY 18+ RATING PENDING M ® A . RP CONTENT RATED BY CONTENT RATED BY CONTENT RATED BY ESRB ESRB ESRB CRACKED.COM Working with Congress in the 90s, they created the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, which makes the black and white letters on game cases most people ignore.

Source: Wired

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