We all love saving some cash, especially when we can sometimes get the same product for a cheaper price just because of the branding. But when is it worth it to splurge a little? We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What brand-name product is worth paying more for?” The most common answers were shoes, cereal, and butter. Here are 18 responses, that might make you pull out your wallet in agreement. 

Jessica K. nominated the childhood classic for a product worth the brand name. The name-brand crayons give Cravolo pigment they consider worth the price. orange-rouge ... CRAYONS brown cosa Good TELL US NOW. Cravola® 2019 anallo pre of 100 supe blue E ARD طفم UNTA OUR vidella purp venjaure Croyolo.com CRACKED.COM blanc Crayolo

... TELL US NOW. TOILET PAPER Michelle В. says, The cheap stuff is flimsy, rough on your parts, and often goes quicker than the name brands. One thing we splurge on is the cottony soft stuff. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. ADHESIVE TAPE Brian M. will pay more for the effectiveness of name-brand tape. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE NATION ANGOSTURA aromatic ALL NATURA PEYGHAUD bitters LEA& PERR 447%alc/lol SHOMATIC COCKTAIL BITE DIPLOMA - OF HONOR LIKE EXHIBITION OF FALTONA-GE The Original - FORCESTERSH 16 ll oz. (1pt) 473 mL - ب SAUCE GOLD - MEDAL PRODUCT TANDO Descript the - SFCOZ 148 mL) FROM - - - - - - - - So PRODUCED THE ORIGINAL - and 20% ONE COHOL NEW BY OALEARC VOLUME волник AND AND YOUR 0 used Disney - CONTENTS S FL B (14kml - سم - Mike T. says, I'll spend double to get the good stuff. CRACKED.COM

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... TELL US NOW. PLASTIC APPLICATOR TAMPONS DUOPACK EMBALLAGE DUO R R TAMPA S LEAKOUARD S PROTECTION 2 Rachelle W. says, Off-brands with their cardboard applicators are a pain and don't get the job done as well. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. SHOES Thomas L. says to spend money for name-brand shoes, adding, If your feet don't work, you don't work. Invest in them. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. RANCH Ranch. THE ORIGINAL CHE ORIGINAL Ranch® Ranch® Ra SINCE 1954 SINCE 1954 SINCE 1954 lden Valley HiddenVallow HiddenVallow Reginald W. says the generic ranch just isn't as good as the name brand. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. Q-TIPS Arturo G. says, Everything else is loose cotton on a stick. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. POP-TARTS Steven Y. says, The other stuff tastes like someone ran over some bad puff pastry and smeared old jelly on it. And the frosting on the off-brand...don't get me started. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. PASTURE-RAISED EGGS Alex G. says, If you eat eggs and can afford to spend extra, I'd always recommend buying the pasture-raised eggs. They taste way better than any average egg. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. SANDWICH COOKIES ORE Sophie M. says, There has never been a generic brand of sandwich cookies that have even come close to the taste of Oreos and I'll happily pay more for name brand. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. KETCHUP lanKtinash V. wasn't the only one who said that store-brand ketchup doesn't taste nearly as good. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. BUTTER Matt P. raves, Seriously the difference is so substantial that I can't stand store-brand butter anymore. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. CREAM CHEESE Adam M. explains, When you make a cheesecake, the store brand can actually not hold together as well. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. CONDOMS Amelia В. says, When it comes to birth control, I don't mess around. I stick with names I trust. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. COKE Geoff F. says, Store-brand cola is NOT the same. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. CEREAL Kate О. says, The off brands have a weird taste. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. ALUMINUM FOIL Larry В. says, The quality of the rest just doesnt even compare. CRACKED.COM
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