15 Celebs Who Collect Some Very, Very Odd Stuff

When you’re rich, you can collect anything … and some people do.
15 Celebs Who Collect Some Very, Very Odd Stuff

Look, you're a celebrity. You've got cash to spare. MTV Cribs was a thing for a reason, even if it was something of a sham. But yeah, you get that first paycheck, and you want to ball out. Maybe you love vintage cars, like a couple of past-their-prime comedians with extremely niche shows regarding bean water and late nights. Maybe you want a Skittles machine in your house, like NBA star Derrick Rose. Maybe you want a basement bowling alley you can drink your friends' milkshakes in and, uh, nothing else. Point is, you've got cash. To burn. But you don't want all the usual suspects.

Not all celebs do the boring rich-people-collections like, say, cars or real estate or whatever. What, you're telling us that Alamo artifacts or dictionaries aren't weird things? Yes. Yes, that's exactly what we're saying spending your riches on is: weird. Some collect truly weird things. For example:

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