A complete SWAT force or a Tyrannosaurus -- which one would you be more scared to see out of your window? Whatever your answer to that is, our question is much deeper and meaningful -- who would win in a fight? Hopefully no one gets chomped on/gets an assault rifle put on their face as we try to answer that.

CRACKED vs T. rex vs. SWAT team SWAT vs. T. rex is a showdown for the (geological) ages. Dinosaurs and soldier-like cops, two species separated by 65 million years of evolution. How can we have the slightest idea who would kick the other's butt? Let's try to find out.

CRACKED vs T. rex vs. SWAT team Wait, that's not how math works. That's not how anything works. SWAT teams sometimes strike for such offenses as smoking pot, placing bets, or running an unlicensed barber shop. Would such force be deployed in those trifling scenarios if a T. rex wasn't a possibility? Of course not, that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it?

Source: The Week

CRACKED vs T. rex vs. SWAT team SWAT vs. T. rex sounds like an over- the-top movie. In 2011, a SWAT team crashed a tank into a house in Arizona. Do you know who was riding the tank? Steven f-ing Seagal. Yes, this actually happened - so don't give us that it feels too much like a movie BS, because that means nothing.

Source: Forbes

CRACKED vs T. rex vs. SWAT team But is a SWAT team ready to take on a real T. rex? SWAT teams destroyed an entire house once over a missed DUI court date. You can bet your butt they're more than ready for a T. rex. (Just don't place the bet anywhere where it's illegal, or they might destroy your house.)

Source: The Week

CRACKED vs T. rex vs. SWAT team This all looks like plain police overreach and excessive force. Now it sounds like you are yourself harboring a T. rex. A SWAT team has already been dispatched to deal with the situation. Stay put or you'll be charged with resisting arrest and obstructing justice. AND DON'T TRY TO HELP THE DINOSAUR.

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