Being in Hollywood is a treacherous business. There's back stabbing, studio politics and machinations, about a million and one career pitfalls and potholes to look out for and all the other perils of sudden wealth and fame. No thanks--that's why we prefer to remain humble and largely anonymous internet writers.

The fact is, though, that being in the movies can pose more than metaphysical danger. Sometimes it can literally be a matter of life and death. Being a Hollywood star isn’t just catered meals and fawning attention – don’t forget all the blood, terror, and near-death experiences.

For example, Lucille Ball (of I Love Lucy fame) was almost beaten to death (really!) on set. There are more modern examples as well. Halle Berry almost died on the set of Die Another Day when she choked on (wait for it…) a FIG. She was supposed to seduce Pierce Brosnan with the fruit but ended up nearly choking to death on it instead.

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