15 Iconic Movies Their Creators Wish They Could Change

It’s probably a good thing not everyone is like George Lucas.
15 Iconic Movies Their Creators Wish They Could Change

It's impossible to deny that making a movie is challenging.

Then why does bringing a tale from concept to screens cost huge amounts of money, at least for those well-known starring performers, but also necessitates the actors and directors devoting years to a single film?

Even though the cinematography is a passion project, there are times when a filmmaker, the individual who spends too much time developing a film, dislikes the finished product.

The high prevalence is caused by studio intervention, which occurs when directors are forced to adjust their work owing to artistic conflicts with investors.

An additional frequent reason for discontent includes directors being pushed into production (usually sequels regretting early artistic judgments, just like in Steven Soderbergh's case, knowing there would have been a difficulty 15 minutes in but continuing nonetheless.

It's been said that works of art are never finished, simply abandoned. Here are 15 artists that might beg to differ:

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