13 Trivia Nuggets That Sure Aren't Shake

So, the Seminole Tribe of Florida owns the world’s largest music memorabilia collection.
13 Trivia Nuggets That Sure Aren't Shake

The Hard Rock Café is owned not by some aging rockers or by a faceless corporation, but by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. 

Someone appears to have had a mille allergy problem! Even during Apollo 17 expected mission, spaceman Harrison Schmitt discovered that he was allergic to lunar dust.

If you want to get your body completely tattooed, don't cease at your eyeballs! Numerous die-hard tattoo enthusiasts have had the white part of their eyelids injected into ink in a variety of colors varying from green to deep violet. Moreover, there have been some risks, including pain and long-term blurred or double vision.

Some of our favorite features about ‘did you guys know facts’ is how simple it is to share them with others! A great entertainment did you realize that factoids can be rapidly texted to the friend or used to begin a discussion with casual acquaintances?

From crazy rules to spontaneous historical tidbits, such as fascinating, cool, and completely unexpected, yes sir (or ma'am!) these facts will captivate you as well as your friends!

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