12 Strange Headlines We Didn’t Notice At The Time

Sometimes, sitting and waiting can cost you hundreds of dollars.
12 Strange Headlines We Didn’t Notice At The Time

These disturbing and occasionally uplifting headlines encapsulate just some of the significant historical events that have taken place since newspapers were becoming popular and widely available to people all around the world. Exceptional headlines like these are extremely powerful, thanks largely to their succinctness: each sends a sense of historical importance to a potentially massive audience in just very few short words. Going to read these headlines today transports us emotionally back as far as how we perceived when we first heard it on the news.

It is indeed a real tragedy of the human mind that deadlines are usually bad: the incredible headlines we'll look at here complement positive stories we may not have noticed before. The purpose of news is to sell newspapers, and it appears that killing hope is more financially beneficial to the media than hope or achievement. Nonetheless, alongside news of military conflict, environmental disasters, and mass killings, you'll find news items of hope and triumph over adversity below.

A woman in Atlanta was charged hundreds of dollars because she... went to the E.R., waited, and then left. Here's the complete story, as well as 11 others:

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