13 Newly Discovered Creatures Named After Celebrities

Some scientists name their discoveries after crushes. Others use them to insult comedians.
13 Newly Discovered Creatures Named After Celebrities

We've just discovered when scientists discover a new creature, they love to have fun with the “Etymology” portion of their scientific papers. One paper included: “Named after the senior author’s favourite film actor Brad Pitt, whose poster adorned the wall of her laboratory during her doctoral studies.” Come on, scientists are just like us…but smarter! 

We included a photo when it was available in public domain, but most of these creatures are so rare we had to use just the famous face. 

Beyonce's Fly

BEYONCE Scaptia beyonceae INC The fly was named after Beyonce in 2011...for its gold booty. A little offensive, a little honorific. But mostly we're just mad she doesn't have a bee named after her yet. CRACKED.COM

Source: CSIRO

Carmen Electra's Fly

CARMEN ELECTRA Carmenelectra shechisme Au The extinct fly genus was named after the model. The singular species within the genus (sounding a lot like she kiss me) is a pretty strange way to flirt, but shoot your shot, scientists. CRACKED.COM

Source: Zookeys

Steve Irwin's Snail

STEVE IRWIN Crikey steveirwini This snail has our vote for cutest scientific name, mostly because the rare snail got a whole genus to itself. CRACKED.COM

Source: ABC.net

Brad Pitt's Wasp

BRAD PITT Conobregma bradpitti A wasp species was named after the senior author's favourite film actor Brad Pitt, whose poster adorned the wall of her laboratory during her doctoral studies. CRACKED.COM

Source: Zookeys

Lady Gaga's Treehopper

LADY GAGA Kaikaia gaga In addition to this well-adorned treehopper, Lady Gaga has a wasp, fern, and even an even-toed ungulate named after her. CRACKED.COM

Source: Illinois

Jennifer Lopez's Mite

JENNIFER LOPEZ Litarachna lopezae The aquatic mite was discovered in Puerto Rico. Jennifer Lopez is also Puerto Rican, but the similarities stop there. CRACKED.COM

Source: ZooKeys

Leonardo DiCaprio's Beetle

LEONARDO DICAPRIO Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi The beetle was named after the actor to acknowledge his inspiring work in promoting environmental awareness and bringing the problems of climate change. CRACKED.COM

Source: Zookeys

Stephen Colbert's Beetle

STEPHEN COLBERT Agaporomorphus colberti The Venezuelan diving beetle was named after comedian Stephen Colbert in 2009. CRACKED.COM

Source: ASU

Conan O'Brien's Worm

CONAN O'BRIEN Carcinonemertes conanobrieni The ribbon worm was named after comedian Conan O'Brien because The physical similarities between the new species and Mr. O'Brien are remarkable; both exhibit a long and pale soma with slight tints of orange. CRACKED.COM

Source: PLoS One

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