16 Saturday Night Live Cast Members Who've Won An Emmy

Which SNL cast members have taken home TV's greatest honor?
16 Saturday Night Live Cast Members Who've Won An Emmy

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SNL has existed for so long now that it feels like it's grown up alongside television, and it truly has grown up alongside generations of comedy nerds. However, the show's cast, for such an iconic group of television ensembles, doesn't always get the Emmy attention you'd expect. Here are the SNL cast members who've won an Emmy, whether for their work on the show or off. (Specifically primetime Emmys, with the exception being a win for a return to the show to host or guest star.)

COMEDY of NERD CRACKED.COM Dana Carvey Carvey is considered one of the all time SNL greats, for good reason. He won the Emmy for Outstanding Individual Performance In A Variety or Music Program in 1993 for SNL. This category would later BE retired, making SNL cast wins more difficult.
COMEDY DG NERD CRACKED.COM Jason Sudeikis Many times on SNL Sudeikis played the role of a coach, but it was the iteration created for a series of commercials that would lead to his 2021 Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy win for fish-out-of-water soccer/football comedy Ted Lasso.
COMEDY of NERD CRACKED.COM Maya Rudolph Rudolph, a stalwart star of a certain era of SNL, never won during her tenure on the show. However, she rectified that with back to back wins in 2020/21 for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her hosting and guest roles.
COMEDY DE NERD CRACKED.COM Gilda Radner Radner's talent was matched only by the tragedy of her untimely death at the age of 42 from ovarian cancer. She won the award for the later-to-be-retired Outstanding Individual Performance in A Variety Or Music Program in 1978.
COMEDY DE NERD CRACKED.COM Amy Poehler Another cornerstone cast member that would only reach Emmy heights upon return as a host, Amy Poehler won as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series in 2016 for her work hosting alongside long-time collaborator Tina Fey.
COMEDY of NERD CRACKED.COM Bill Murray It's not surprising to anyone that Murray has won an Emmy, but it wasn't for his work on SNL, or even for a comedy at all, really. Murray received an Emmy win for his role as widower Jack Kennison in the HBO series Olive Kitteridge.
COMEDY DE NERD CRACKED.COM Eddie Murphy R BL-S B FAMWORKS ek F L ST V AFTER Eddie Murphy has only a single Emmy win, though in his case that might BE attributed to a meteoric rise to A-List film star. Another win on a later hosting stint, Murphy picked up an Emmy for his performance hosting SNL in the year 2020.
COMEDY 661 NERD CRACKED.COM Laurie Metcalf Metcalf is another for whom SNL was simply a pit stop on the way to greater success. One of her most iconic roles, and the source of her 3 back-to-back Emmy wins from 1992-1994, was as Jackie Harris in seminal sitcom Roseanne.
COMEDY 661 NERD CRACKED.COM Kate McKinnon The SNL star known for characters like a mistreated alien abductee won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2016 for her work on SNL. She was actually the first to win this award for work on SNL itself.
COMEDY 661 NERD CRACKED.COM Bill Hader One of the most talented impressionists in SNL's recent history, it was a much more muted role that paid off, Hader nabbing back-to-back Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series wins in 2019/20 for his role on Barry.
COMEDY 661 NERD CRACKED.COM Tina Fey Fey, who went from SNL star to comedy cultural icon, has won quite a few Emmys. Fey has 9 Emmy wins, 3 for her work writing, hosting and portraying Sarah Palin on SNL, and 6 for acting in, writing, and creating her own classic show, 30 Rock.
COMEDY of NERD CRACKED.COM Jimmy Fallon GM TR F FEST Fallon joins the ranks of cast members who secured an Emmy for their return to the show in a hosting capacity. He picked up two Outstanding Guest Actor wins for his hosting appearances in 2012 and 2014.
COMEDY 661 NERD CRACKED.COM Julia Louis-Dreyfus It's a testament to her individual talent that many don't even connect Julia Louis-Dreyfus with SNL. She's won 8 Emmys for acting, tied for most all time. 6 for Veep, and 1 each for Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine. Oh, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014.
COMEDY DG NERD CRACKED.COM Joan Cusack Cusack is far from someone that people commonly associate with SNL, if they remember her involvement at all, only on the cast from 1985-86. However, she's become successful in her own right, and picked up an Emmy win in 2015 for her role in Shameless.
COMEDY of NERD CRACKED.COM Jane Curtin Not only a star, but a member of the very first cast, Curtin doesn't always get the respect she deserves. She also never received the nod for her work on SNL itself, but picked up back to back wins in 1984 & 1985 for her role in Kate & Allie.
COMEDY of NERD CRACKED.COM Chevy Chase Chase, along with Dana Carvey and Gilda Radner, won for Outstanding Individual Performance in A Variety Or Music Program, his coming in 1976. It was the removal of this category, forcing SNL into competition with sitcoms, that resulted in a drought as far as acting wins for cast.


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