You think you understand the relative size of the things …. and then you learn a traffic light is over four feet tall. Our eyes, simplified infographics, maps, and distance have a way of tricking us into misunderstanding the world around us. Here are 12 things that made us reconsider our judgment of size.

GIANT SQUIDS' EYES ARE BIGGER THAN BASKETBALLS Scientists believe they may have giant eyes to help them detect their giant predator, the sperm whale, while in the darkness of underwater. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

HUMAN EGG CELLS ARE ABOUT AS WIDE AS A STRAND OF HAIR IS THICK The egg cell is the largest of the cells in the body. It can be seen without a microscope. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBS News

RUSSIA IS ABOUT THE SAME SIZE AS PLUTO Pluto's surface area is 17,646,012 km2, compared to Russia's 17,098,2 246 km2. CRACKED.COM

Source: NASA and UN Data

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