10 Genuinely Funny Comedy-Horror Movies To Make You Scream-Laugh

10 comedies to make you scream-laugh.
10 Genuinely Funny Comedy-Horror Movies To Make You Scream-Laugh

There are horror movies that are unintentionally hilarious, and there are movies intended to be comedies that are scarily unfunny. These are neither. Here's 10 movies that pull off the balancing act between being scary and funny, and manage to succeed at both.

COMEDY DE NERD CRACKED.COM Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil GIV This cult classic turns the psycho hillbilly trope on its head, with Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk putting in top-notch performances as two rural buddies just trying to fix up their dream cabin, while a group of teenagers (including 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden) are convinced they're murderers.
COMEDY of NERD CRACKED.COM Deathgasm A must watch for the metalheads out there, but still plenty of fun for anyone who enjoys their comedy covered in copious amounts of viscera and guys in codpieces. Deathgasm follows a couple of death-met loving teenage heshers that end up actually summoning the demons your mom was worried about
COMEDY DG NERD CRACKED.COM Cabin In The Woods R Cabin In The Woods is a comedy horror movie for comedy fans who truly love horror. The same way a roast is always funnier between two people who truly know each other in and out, Cabin In The Woods is such a deadly accurate send-up of the horror genre that it could put a smile on Michael Myers.
COMEDY 661 NERD CRACKED.COM Zombieland Yo su ess. Perhaps suffering from a collective fatigue on the zombie genre cause by a period of unrelenting brain-craving media on both the silver and small screen, Zombieland may have been undeservedly forgotten. It holds up as a great zombie flick that makes sure to never let the laughs die.
COMEDY DE NERD CRACKED.COM Young Frankenstein Mel Brooks sometimes sadly seems to be entering the territory of the Beatles, in that just because parents love it so much, it can be hard to remember just how monumental of a touchstone they were. Mel Brooks is to modern comedy as Eric B. and Rakim are to modern hip-hop. Respect your elders.
COMEDY DEL NERD CRACKED.COM What We Do In The Shadows Now an equally fantastic TV show on FX, we have to assume executives greenlit the series because, as we did, their faces fell as soon as the credits rolled on the original film. The mockumentary format isn't a crutch, but a device USED to go gleefully deep into the minutiae of vampire life.
COMEDY of NERD CRACKED.COM The Wailing OK, this one's a little off the beaten path, and those who've seen it may not remember it as a light-hearted affair. However, the first half of this excellent South Korean horror movie is genuinely laugh-out loud funny, in a way that might bring Hot Fuzz to mind. Then it pivots to full-blown horror.
COMEDY DEL NERD CRACKED.COM Vampires Vs. The Bronx This Netflix film not only plays with a very fun vampires gentrifying a neighborhood concept, but backs it up with great characters, a retro horror vibe and some absolutely S-tier cameo appearances, especially Method Man's priest and Mero (of Desus and Mero) as a bodega owner.
COMEDY 661 NERD CRACKED.COM Shaun of the Dead Forgetting just how good Shaun of the Dead was is all too easy, but it's well worth a rewatch. Edgar Wright hasn't spent more than 3 years out of theaters since it released in 2004, and for good reason. It's a tremendous introduction to a great director, and may still be one of his best.
COMEDY 661 NERD CRACKED.COM Fright Night The modern remake is good as well, but in my opinion it's worth watching the original 1985 version just for the performance of Roddy McDowell as occult TV personality Peter Vincent who suddenly finds his himself, costume jewelry and all, facing off against a real vampire.


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