Who needs fiction when most animals on this planet are scarier than any made-up creature? Icky spiders spinning 80 foot webs, crabs that break open coconuts, and manatees fill our nightmares. Now, we know what you’re thinking: manatees? The gentle cows of the sea? Well, yes – they fart. Like a lot. Way more than your grandpa. In fact, they fart to control their buoyancy. Now you’re thinking: that’s not scary, that’s kind of cute! And a little ingenious on the part of evolution! Sure, we can grant that, but allow us to make our case. Have you ever farted? Of course you have. And it stank. There’s no way it didn’t. If it did, you’d be world famous. Now, can you imagine a thousand pound manatee ripping fatties all day? Like, what if it wasn’t underwater? You suffocate from the smell. Anyway, here are 34 real animals that could be the stars of their own horror franchise:  

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