We audiences go to horror movies for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes a high concept grabs us (Get Out). Sometimes it's an interesting twist on a legend (The Babadook). Sometimes we just want to see camp (Leprechaun 5: In The Hood). But more often than not, we just want to be scared out of our minds. There's something about the brief fear in a movie theater and the promise of going home that's exciting. 

Well, the cast and crew don't always get to go home. They spend day after day going through those kinds of haunted houses that make you sign a waiver before you go, and not even the paycheck is enough sometimes. Read about which movie gave the entire cast and crew some serious headaches, which one gave its actor PTSD, and which one saw a guy on the loo being towed away in a trailer. Man, moviemaking is magical.

ALEX WOLFF WAS SERIOUSLY SCARRED FILMING HEREDITARY. Wolff had to go to therapy and had serious issues sleeping after being emotionally screwed by the film. CRACKED.COM

Source: Looper

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