13 Times Comedians Flat-Out Regretted Their Old Jokes

To be fair to Eddie Murphy, maybe he’s just more honest about his old stuff than most comedians.
13 Times Comedians Flat-Out Regretted Their Old Jokes

Sure, Eddie Murphy owes a lot of his fame to 1987’s Raw, but today he’s not a fan of it at all. 

We’ve all discovered those regrettable posts on social media from the early 2000’s that make us cringe to read again. We have no idea what we were contemplating. We’ve all thought "that's just a phrase, that's just a little joke" only to look back a decade later and wonder what we were thinking. Still, we ARE ashamed of you.

Don’t feel too bad though, because what these celebrities did was arguably way worse than anything you could have dreamed up. Plus they have massive platforms are under near constant scrutiny. So at least you have that (not) going for you. Also, c’mon Gilbert Gottfried, no one is buying it! As for Sarah Silverman, we’re not sure an apology still counts seven years later.

Here’s something we guarantee you won’t cringe at: the rest of this article.

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