13 Pieces Of Good News That Got Drowned Out By All The Awfulness

13 Pieces Of Good News That Got Drowned Out By All The Awfulness

Look, reading the news is usually a miserable experience. Unless you’re reading this from some sort of Star Trek-esque future utopia where scarcity is eliminated and space travel is used primarily for experimental alien sex, the news sucks. Heck, we’re writing this in 2022, where a three-year-and-counting pandemic continues to kill millions around the globe, Russia is committing war crimes in Ukraine, the United States in committing war crimes…somewhere, probably, Logan Paul seems to be trying to start a race war with his boxing career, the most beloved children’s author of a generation is waging war on trans people, it’s…just a lot of war, man. Hang on, we need to go thousand-yard stare and drink for a while. 

Okay, we’re back. What’s the headline of this article? Oh right! Good news! News that doesn’t suck! Yes! From medical breakthroughs to political prisoners being freed to that Prince Of A Man Michael J. Fox raising money to fight Parkinson’s, here are 13 stories to warm your heart and give you hope:

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