31 Easter Eggs And Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision

31 Easter Eggs And Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision

When WandaVision first hit Disney+, Marvel fans weren't quite sure what it was at first. Seeing the show in guise of several different sitcom scopes and tropes was difficult for some until big reveals were made later in the season. It has since become a favorite among fans and critically considered one of best Marvel products, whether it be television or film. But there are some nice Easter eggs and bits of fun trivia about the show that even the most diehard fans don't know.

Like did you spot Stan Lee's birthdate on Wanda's license plate? Or that the show actually did have a live studio audience to laugh during the sitcom sections? You probably didn't know that Dick Van Dyke consulted on the show either, huh?

While we wait to see whether or not we get a second season, here are 31 little bits of trivia and Easter eggs from WandaVision for you to enjoy.

BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTSc CRACKED.co VISION WAS ACTUALLY BLUE IN BLACK AND WHITE SCENES. STA Paul Bettany had to be painted blue for the show's first two episodes because Vision's red color didn't translate well in grayscale. The show also used period-appropriate lenses and lighting in order to achieve that vintage look.


31 Easter Eggs And Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision


WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THERE'S A SUBTLE BLADE RUNNER REFERENCE. CORONET TANNHAUSER SATE PUT THE FUN IN DYSFUNCTION CATE FRE STER CRACKED.CO As Wanda's fictional world is coming apart and Vision is facing erasure, Tannhauser Gate can be spotted on the movie marquee. Tannhauser Gate comes from the iconic tears in rain monologue given by Roy Batty another android facing death.


WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THE BOVA MILK AD IS A REFERENCE TO WANDA'S BIZARRE COMIC ORIGIN. BOVA MILK CRACKED.COM In the comics, Bova is an evolved COW that helped deliver Pietro and Wanda as babies.



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