Have you ever come across strange, yet somehow real events that make you think: well sir, wait one just dang rootin' tootin' minute – how could something like that happen in THIS dimension? There's happenings that are simply so strange, they seem like they must have come from another universe.

For example, there was a lamb born in Australia that literally had a fully functioning leg growing out of its head. The farmer kept the animal as a family pet.

We had never heard of the English village that's being terrorized and tortured by a persistent hum. Despite having gone on for a year and being intrusive enough to disrupt everyone sleep, there's still no clear explanations.

Squid Game is so popular, British police tweeted about it. 

Hungry for more strange and odd facts that will make you question the coherence of this reality? Don't just sit there, scroll on down! Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:

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