If you think it's too stupid that in every Jurassic Park film, some military guy wants to use dinosaurs to fight wars, then you're not prepared to hear about the anti-tank dogs. If you're brave enough, read on below:

The Soviets used anti-tank dogs to covertly blow stuff up. CRACKED.COM The Soviet and Russian military from 1930-1996 trained dogs to carry explosives to targets that were too dangerous to risk human life. Initially, the dogs were trained to drop the bombs off and run back to their master, but eventually the Russian forces said actually, who cares, they're dogs and used them more as suicide-bombers.

Source: Gizmodo 

There are Pig Olympics were pig-letes compete all over the world. CRACKED These specially trained and bred piglets take part in competitions organized by the Sport-Pig Federation, and get to breed the next generation of oink-lympians. From China, to Moscow, the pigs take part in events like pig-racing, swimming, and a soccer-like game called pigball.

Source: BBC 

Someone hijacked Chicago TV broadcasts dressed like Max Headroom in 1987. CRACKED.com The first broadcast was 25 seconds and had no dialogue, just a persistent buzzing noise as the masked man swayed erratically. The second broadcast was 90 seconds and the man spoke cryptically about the real Max Headroom's endorsements, ending with their bare bottom being spanked by a woman with a flyswatter. They were never caught.

Source: Motherboard 

A reality game-show made adoptees try to pick their biological father out of a line up, for cash. FOX CRACKED.co The show Who's Your Daddy put TJ Myers, an adult that had been put up for adoption as an infant, in a room of 25 men, one of whom was her biological father. If she could pick out her real father she would win $100,000, and if not then the man she wrongly chose would get the money instead. The contestants were reunited with their father even if they didn't win the game.

Source: NY Times

O.J. Simpson was nearly cast as the Terminator, but James Cameron couldn't see him as a killing machine. CRACKED.COM Mike Medavoy ran Orion films when The Terminator was being cast, and thought he was going to blow James Cameron away by suggesting to cast NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson as the T-800. Cameron never entertained the idea of Simpson as the Terminator, since he couldn't see O.J. as a cold and ruthless killer.

Source: EW

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