“How tall are you?” Nobody ever answers that question truthfully, especially if you're younger and don't want people hitting you up to play basketball. And it's not just that question of size that people get wrong. It turns out that we're often surprised to learn that we basically judge the size of things like total garbage. 

Part of that comes from viewing lots and lots of images. Those dudes you see playing basketball (they answered the question truthfully) always look bigger in person. Until you've seen a seven-footer in person, you don't know what that really means. Television and other media don't accurately represent it at all. You’ll crane your neck looking up in person for sure. Yet another reason to never get up from the couch.

Size really does matter for these 11 things that are way bigger than you ever thought. Spoiler: the Teletubbies were huge. Maybe not seven footers, but certainly far taller than you pictured.

This is a comet next to Los Angeles. This comet, Churyumov-Gerasimenko, makes Los Angeles look tiny- but you could theoretically walk across it in an hour. CRACKED.COM

Source: IFL Science

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