The front page of the newspaper is…wait a second, do y'all still get newspapers? The trending topic on Twitter, the top stories on Reddit, the…look, however you get your news, the top line items are frequently doom and gloomy. War, famine, plague, other Biblical-sounding curses—it's easy to get bogged down in that stuff. But then there's fun stuff. Stuff involving rabbits. Stuff involving soccer. Stuff involving carp. The world is a magical place, and weird things happen all the time that are easy to miss. Fortunately, we here at Cracked are dedicated to celebrating life's little idiosyncrasies. So sit back, take a nice sip your favorite cold or hot beverage (depending on the time of year), and let us regale you with some crazy goings-on. And hey, as a special treat? Just for you? A preview: 

A gravestone missing for 150 years was found recently … and it was used to make fudge, it turns out. Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:

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