15 Movie Scenes That Were Ruined by History

Real life has steamrolled these into so many heaps of cringe.
15 Movie Scenes That Were Ruined by History

All on a set is expensive, which is why actors must be cautious with items, as they may be repurposed for yet another movie by the corporation. But, on occasion, performers are not only negligent with props and also with the rare, irreplaceable treasures provided to the movie by institutions. On certain occasions, you may find yourself in a scene from a movie where not everyone is something broken inside the false reality, but when something real is damaged by reality itself. There are several other ways to ruin a movie scene, right?

Some moments don't hold up well over time, but this isn't one of them. The problem with these isn't that they didn't stand the test of time; it's that time absolutely body slammed them. There’s no choice but to remark, "Well, this is awkward," because it's no one's fault. Not all movies are damaged, but some of them are... Scroll down for some scenes that got absolutely ruined by reality.

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