Tell Us Now: What's An Add-On That's Actually Worth The Money?

Readers share a time they were pleasantly upsold.
Tell Us Now: What's An Add-On That's Actually Worth The Money?

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What’s a product upgrade or add-on that’s actually worth the money?” We were surprised how many of you said Game Boy features but no judgement if you're still playing Pokemon Red. 

TELL US NOW. GAMEBOY LIGHT Innovation Bob W. says, Kinda showing my age here, but the clip-on light for the original Gameboy. Before that, you were basically just restricted to playing in the daytime and good luck trying to play on long car rides in the backseat! That light was like ten bucks, TOTALLY extended the life of the Gameboy on the market at least another two years. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. APPLIANCE REMOVAL Noah U. says, When having a new, large appliance delivered, pay for the haul away and disposal of the old appliance. The best $25 I've ever spent was paying to not have to deal with getting a refrigerator out of my house and to the dump. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. TIRE WARRANTY one James V. tells US, ominously, to get the insurance at Discount Tire. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. SOLID-STATE DRIVE 2TB Drive 2.5 550 I 512GB to SSD NVMe Robert W. tells US, Recently got a new PC after 8 years, going from a disk hard drive to an SSD, and wow what a difference. Programs open as soon as I click (or double-click) the icons! Sure, the boost in CPU and RAM helped, too, but if you're using a disk drive, an SSD is a game-changer. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. REAL WOOD PRODUCTS Travis P. advises, Basically, skip over the cheap, glued-together plastic version of anything and pay a little more for the better made metal or wood product. It'll last you longer, and is better for the environment anyway. If you can, buy a better made older product that you can actually repair. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. AD-FREE MUSIC STREAMING spotify Martina A. doesn't regret actually paying for using Spotify. After getting a commercial about something that I despise, I decided to pay and it is worth every penny. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. TACO UPGRADES Lawrence C. never regrets paying more for sour cream on a crunchy taco... CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. HIGH QUALITY SOCKS Jack P. tells US, Paying more money for American-made, high quality socks. Such an old man move but it truly made a difference in comfort as well as socks lasting decades VS a year. Assuming I don't lose them. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. SCREEN PROTECTORS Matt H. swears by the scratch and smash protective plastic screen cover on smart phones. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. PHONE WARRANTY Lynn T. tells US, I had a new phone delivered and after it was smashed by several cars a few hours later (long story!), they replaced the brand new phone in store with no problem. Best $150 I've spent! CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. REUSABLE KEURIG POD Alex C. explains, It's more environmentally sound and a LOT cheaper in the long run, since I can still use regular canned coffee. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. CAR INSURANCE CE AC Levi W. says, When I bought my wife's car, I was upsold on the bumper-to-bumper coverage. It was an extra $2100. Three years later the engine, turbos, and intercooler blew. Cost the warranty company $20,000 in the end. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE STORAGE Jeff H. says, I copy my entire laptop onto one and when the laptop inevitably craters, I just copy the hard drive onto the new computer and pick up where I left off. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. GAP INSURANCE Scott J. says, ALWAYS get the Gap Insurance when you buy a car. If you still owe, say, $8000 on the car, but it's only worth $5000, and the car gets totaled, you're still on the hook for the $3000. Gap usually doesn't add that much to your payment and can save you a lot. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. FLIGHT SEAT UPGRADE P.G.K. tells US it's worth to pay more for extra legroom on an airplane flight that is over four hours long. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. THE GAME BOY PLAYER Ben Q. says it's arguably one of the best gaming peripherals ever made! Attaches directly to the bottom of the Cube and allows GBA and GB games to be played on the big screen. Played through the entirety of Pokemon Emerald on my TV and it was amazing. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. FLIGHT INSURANCE Chad D. tells US, An extra $25 for the freedom to cancel and rebook your flight without losing hundreds of dollars is definitely worth it. CRACKED.COM
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