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As the world progresses further and further into the digital age, more and more amazing technological advances are being made. In this article, we'll take a look at a few of the most interesting ones. From lab-grown brains to perpetual pi, these are some of the tales that make up the tangled world of tech. So sit back and enjoy!

TANGLED TECH CRACKED.COM A new study claims total ad revenue on about 7000 sites and apps that stream pirated movies comes to $1.3 billion annually. L Somehow I think Disney will still do just fine when it comes to making mega money.

Source: Ars Technica

TANGLED TECH CRACKED.COM Facebook might be forced to sell gif creator Giphy after buying it last year. A UK regulator says the pur- chase is limiting competition. GIPHY facebook Now can they do anything about Facebook's fake accounts, mega spam and rampant misinfo?

Source: The Guardian

TANGLED TECH CRACKED.COM The U.S. Trade Commission ruled that Google's smart speakers infringe on five of Sonos' patents. This could lead to a ban on Google's speakers, plus maybe even Pixels and Chromecasts. SONOS SONOS I SONOS Turns out stealing smart speaker tech from Sonos wasn't so smart after all.

Source: Bloomberg

TANGLED TECH CRACKED.COM A company is building massive plate-sized computer chips that use as much power as a small house. They're designed for specialized AI applications. Am I the only one hoping this will eventually result in giant-size mega-powered laptops?

Source: Ad Age

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