Tech is inescapable. Unless you're that guy on PBS who lives in Alaska and just whittles everything he needs, you're constantly either using or about to use some form of technology. Sometimes, it makes life considerably easier, and sometimes, you sit around pulling your hair out because something's not working as it should.

So it’s a bit of a dichotomy, in a sense, but it’s most definitely the glass half-full side of the dichotomy. Just imagine life without your phone – you might die. All kidding aside, that would mean heading back to the days of phone booths, and we’re pretty sure that nobody besides Clark Kent is into that idea.

So yeah, it's a weird and wonderful world out there, and people with tech-savvy big brains are trying to figure it all out for the rest of us. Here's 15 recent happenings in science and technology we repeat to our friends, to make them think we're smarter than we really are.

Strange CRACKED.COM Science Stories The Roddenberry. Archive is working on a fully immersive holographic instal- lation of a life-size Starship Enterprise that will be indistinguishable from reality. So it'll be a holodeck which contains the Enterprise... which contains a holodeck... how deep could this go?

Source: CNet

Strange CRACKED.COM Science Stories When black holes are feeding, they emit burps of light and energy. Scientists have discovered how to measure the frequency of these burps to determine the black hole's size. The smaller ones burp more often, just like kids at summer camp.

Source: CNet

Strange CRACKED.COM Science Stories NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is heading back to Earth with a sample from an asteroid named Bennu. Scientists calculate Bennu has about a 1 in 1750 chance of colliding with our planet by 2199. The way the world's going now, maybe they should be working to make it hit sooner!


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