We are utterly enthralled by all sorts of magic. Street magic, christmas magic, straight up wizarding magic. But our favorite kind of magic? Movie magic. We’re talking about that silver screen baby! Nothing beats it. Though, if you ask us, alot of the newer special effects technology has actually ruined some of it for us. We may be simple, but we love tiny men in big suits.

We wanted to do a deep dive into visual effects that were achieved in a way you might not expect. You know the Ghostbusters scene where Dana spins around? Turns out, they didn’t use any optical or CGI trickery for that at all. Frankly, we couldn’t believe the kind of tricks they pulled to create the dragons in Game of Thrones. Don’t even get us started on the real deal with Baby Yoda (yes, yes, we know about the whole egg eating controversy…)  

Scroll on brave reader for the the full story, plus 14 others:

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