13 Of The Most Bizarre Disasters In History

13 Of The Most Bizarre Disasters In History

There are numerous accounts in history of devastating earthquakes, floods, plane disasters, and other calamities. History also contains tales of genuinely bizarre events. Occasionally, truly incredible things happen in life, and ordinary natural forces mix with the bad luck to cause disastrous effects. Even a small portion of history's unusual calamities are highlighted in the list below. Thankfully, not all of them were fatal.

When life hands you lemons, you simply sell them to spend on new skin once your old one is burned away by a river of toxic waste. Researchers can, at the very least, approximate the number of deaths associated with calamities that occurred throughout the classic period according to historical documents and journals. The accompanying natural catastrophes, sorted from lowest to the greatest estimated death toll, are the worst of all time to such records. (In times of calamities with a death toll range, every disaster is rated according to the highest estimate.)

SKIN-BURNING SLUDGE LIVELY GRACKED COM A waste reservoir retaining wall failed in Hungary and released 38 million cubic feet of toxic material. The caustic sludge rolled downhill to the low-lying villages in the Marcal River valley, killing 10 and causing 120 to sustain injuries when they made contact with the skin-burning slurry.

Source: NASA

PEPSI FRUIT JUICE FLOOD CRACKEDo COM On April 25, 2017 the roof of a Pepsi-owned facility in Russia, housing storage containers of a variety of juices, collapsed unexpectedly. This resulted in the release of 176,000 barrels, or 7.4 million gallons, of fruit and vegetable juices into the streets and the Don River.

Source: CBS

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