12 Belly Button Facts (We Just Had To Share)

12 Belly Button Facts (We Just Had To Share)

Belly button smelly button – how weird are these little divots most of us have? What exactly can someone do with a belly button? Pick at it a little? Scrunch it up, sure. Clean it out, probably – there’s a fair amount of lint in there thanks to our lovely hairy tummies. There’s also an entire ecosystem of friendly bacteria in there. Still, that doesn’t really leave much which we can do with it. Oh! Here’s something kind of interesting: chimpanzees have the closest approximation to human belly buttons in the animal kingdom, so that’s kind of neat. Little craters marking the fact that were once physically connected to our mothers, and that is pretty weird if you think about it too hard. We at Cracked love to overthink silly and mundane things, so here are 12 facts to get your mind back on your stomach's first, and strangely enough, sexiest scar.

The fear of belly buttons is called omphalophobia. If you suffer from this phobia, we strongly advise you do not continue reading. CRACKED.COM

We can thank stomach hair for belly button lint Stomach hair hooks t-shirt fiber, directing them into our belly buttons. If you want less lint, shavee your stomach hair or wear older t-shirts (that have less loose fibers) CRACKED.COM

Source: Vox

You can get cosmetic surgery on your belly button Umbilicoplasty is the (rather rare) surgery, used most commonly to make an outie to an innie or to resize a large/lopsided innie. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

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