From a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference of a Latin American comic strip to Alien still inspiring everyone in filmmaking and beyond, here’s a list of all the Easter eggs and references in James Gunn’s epic movie that is also gloriously bonkers, The Suicide Squad.

Also, spoilers, you guys.

EASTER EGGSTRA MEANINGS, AND REFERENCES THE SUICIDE IM RAP SQUAD ITER 7092F THe OTHER MAVBE WE CAN SHAVE OFF A FEW POUNDS SUPERVILLAINS In the scene at Belle Reve in the beginning, Polka-Dot Man gets insulted by Calendar Man and Double Down. Calendar Man is a Batman villain obsessed with calendars and dates, and Double Down is a Flash villain who can peel a cursed deck of cards like skin from his body to slice whoever's in his way.


EASTER EGGSTRA MEANINGS, AND REFERENCES THE SUICIDE SQUAD #10TH BEEN No. PersonalizeD, Licence PLATeS! GOTHAM HAHAHA In a hilarious scene Where Harley is being very Harley, she tells The Thinker, If we find out you have personalized license plates, you die. She's throwing shade at Joker, who had a Hahaha licence plate in Suicide Squad. CRACKED.COM


EASTER EGGSTRA MEANINGS, AND REFERENCES THE SHICIDE. SQUAD COMIC GAG When we meet King Shark, he's pretending to be clever by reading a book... upside down. The shot is a callout to the famous image of the character in 2013's Suicide Squad #20. CRACKED.COM


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