For this week's What's The Deal, let's take a look at the world's most effective anti-perspirant: air conditioning.

WHAT'S THE DEAL: HISTORY OF A/C A Brief History of A/C CRACKED.CO COM Given that it's currently August, you're likely reading this very article while enjoying A/C. Americans love A/C so much it's 48% of their energy usage every year. But let's take a look into the sweaty, sweaty past to appreciate it just a little more.

Source: EIA

WHAT'S THE DEAL: HISTORY OF A/C Doctor Freeze COM Next to tackle temperature was Dr. John Gorrie. Around 1840, he developed the first indoor cooling technology to aid uncomfortable hospital patients. It required ice to be shipped south from colder climates, though, so... not exactly breezy.


WHAT'S THE DEAL: HISTORY OF A/C Man Vs. Moist SEELEN STHTATZ Siever COM After Americans gave Gorrie's invention the cold shoulder, it would be a while before the next development. And that next step wasn't about the heat, but the humidity. A printer was fed up with books ruined by moisture, and hired someone to fix it.


WHAT'S THE DEAL: HISTORY OF A/C A Cool Feature COKETA TICKET TICKET t MACO TAG & LABEL TICKE KEEP THIS 817200 COUPON MACO KEE LINCOTAGE COM The technology was, of course, still limited. It wouldn't go into nationwide use until the 1920s, when it would premiere in a location still known for aggressive A/C: movie theaters. This iteration of Carrier's creation is even on display at the Smithsonian.

Source: Smithsonian

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