Tell Us Now: 18 Disgusting Things We Ate As Children

Tell Us Now: 18 Disgusting Things We Ate As Children

We all know kids don't have a refined palette, but sometimes our taste evolves so much over our lives that even our former favorite foods because gag-worthy. We asked Cracker readers on Facebook, “What's a food you loved as a kid that you find gross now?" Not even counting boogers, some of you all ate some really disgusting things as kids, much to our enjoyment. 

TELL US NOW. VIENNA SAUSAGES Brittany G. used to eat these straight out of the can, adding, As a kid, mystery meat soaking in water didn't seem as daunting and disgusting as it does now. Ignorance is bliss. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. RANCH CHEESE, & PB SANDWICHES Katy M. tells US, For years, my son ate ranch, American cheese, and peanut butter sandwiches. He's almost 19 now and recently made one for old time's sake. Thankfully, his palate has improved and he tossed it to the dog after one bite. Roxy the Dog, however, was a huge fan! CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. PEANUT BUTTER & ONION SANDWICH Adam N. tells US, I used to eat them all the time because Fred Savage ate them in the 1989 film Little Monsters, which was my favorite movie as a kid. So I thought it was really, really cool. Now, just the idea of it makes me gag. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. RANCH DRESSING Elizabeth S. says, one time when I was in my 20s, I had what I thought was the best ranch I'd ever had in my life. Turned out it was blue cheese dressing. I never looked back. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. SUICIDE SODA Robert C. says, I used to love going to a soda fountain and mixing every single kind of pop they had. Somehow Coke and Orange Crush and Mountain Dew don't sound so great together now. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. MARZIPAN Melina S. shares, When I was younger, my mother could never understand how her block of marzipan appeared to be getting smaller and smaller when she hadn't been using it. Then one morning she heard a commotion and crept out to the kitchen. There I was (aged 2) with a stool on top of a stepladder, getting myself to the same level as the marzipan, picking away at it, then wrapping it back up. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. RAW HOT DOGS Rachel W. says, I remember eating them like string cheese. One day I looked down at the hotdog and was completely disgusted by what I was doing. I gagged 6 times writing this. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. MAC AND CHEESE Jenna S. says, loved it as a kid, ate it everyday...I haven't touched it in over 16 years. Funny thing is, the only thing that changed was having a child. He only eat mac and cheese, so the universe still gets a mac and cheese eater. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. LIVER Shelley L. tells US, While I never truly loved it, I'd still eat it... .until I dissected a frog, in school, and realized all livers are the same. Since then, even the thought of eating liver makes me think I of that dead, stinky frog...and my stomach does flip-flops. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. KETCHUP Callie K. says the condiment is too sweet. It's like tomato-flavored frosting. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. CANNED PASTA Nicole H. used to love this as a kid, but now you couldn't pay me to eat it. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. CAKE FROSTING Matthew W. says, I used to eat cake frosting straight out of the can. Just the thought of doing that now makes my blood sugar spike. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. DEVILED HAM Troy C. used to eat this ham product on white bread sandwiches saying, Had them in my school lunch every day for years. Can't imagine what I was thinking! CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. CRAB PASTE SANDWICHES Corrina B. shares, I used to love them as a kid. My mum always made me crab paste sandwiches if I was going on a school trip so they were a real treat.The thought repulses me these days. Grainy, fishy slop. Literally like chewing the bottom of a river. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. COTTAGE CHEESE Lori G. says, When I was a kid I loved cottage cheese. My mom says she got tired of me hounding her for it and actually let me eat it every day for a whole week and then I never asked for it again. As an adult, I can't even watch someone else eat it. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. RAW BACON Lillian C. shares, I ate raw bacon and raw sausages. And the greased paper that they came wrapped in. Special kid I was. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. APPLESAUCE IN SCRAMBLED EGGS Matthew J. says, I still remember how it tasted to me as a kid: a bright and sweet sensation with egg! But it doesn't taste the same at all now. It is pretty foul. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. ANCHOVIES Thomas K. tells US, They were one of my favorite foods as a little kid, until my sister told me they were actually tiny fish. That absolutely ruined them for me, despite the fact that I had no problem with normal-sized fish. CRACKED.COM
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