Storytelling is a journey. You start out with a couple ideas, you start tinkering and tweaking, and you end up in a totally unexpected place. A character starts out as evil, but turns out they secretly had a good side. That's a fun story! But wait a second, someone else has come along to adapt your story from a novel to movie. Or comic book to movie. Or video game to movie. Most things end up as movies, is what we're saying. Or limited-run TV shows on various streaming services.

You never know where life will take your characters. Someone seems destined to riches and greatness, and then they end up flipping burgers. And speaking of flipping, just take a gander at the way these characters have been flipped over in adaptations. There are no cases of originally rich people serving food, but really, that’s pretty much the only thing missing.

Die Hard HANS ANTON GRUBER had noble intentions in the book. Unlike Hans, who was in terrorism only for the money, Anton Little Tony the Red Gruber was trying to expose a corrupt corporation's dealings with the Chilean dictatorship.

Source: Screen Rant

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