17 Things We Were Taught As Kids That Are Total B.S.

17 Things We Were Taught As Kids That Are Total B.S.

We're not saying the education system in America isn't the greatest in the universe for all time, all we're saying is that maybe there is a problem when the only way to fund our schools is for the soulless monolith of Big Business to print their own textbooks saying we should all be chugging milk and eating bowl after bowl of corn flakes in order for our bodies not to snap in half at age 30 like a glowstick. 

That out of the way, let's revisit some items we were taught as kids that aren't exactly accurate. You'll feel so much better having your knowledge base corrected, and maybe, just maybe, you can politely pass these tidbits on to others. Maybe skip your Uncle Crazy, though - if he's like our Uncle Crazy the old fool is not particularly open to having anything at all corrected, not even his vision. Eeep.

MYTH: CHAMELEONS CHANGE COLOR TO CAMOUFLAGE. CRACKED.com Unlike an octopus or cuttlefish that will use the ability to change color to hide from predators or sneak up on prey, the chameleon does not use this ability to blend into the environment. Chameleons instead use color changing to regulate their heat or to communicate to other chameleons.

Source: Wired

MYTH: CARBOHYDRATES SHOULD MAKE UP THE MAJORITY OF YOUR DIET. Fats Crist Sweets KEY USE SPARINGLY Gugars Hadded) title Your # MAIN Poutry FILL DIV BANG Choose Group Eggs Nuts Canon 20 SERVINGS 23 SERVINGS Vegatitate Group Fruit Group $4 SERVINGE SERVINGS Bread, Coreat SERVINGS CRACKEDO .COM We have lobbyists to blame for the 1992 USDA food pyramid we all remember from health class, which put carbs as the building blocks of a well balanced diet. USDA nutritionists called for 3-4 daily servings of whole-gra breads and cereals, but this was changed to a whopping 6-11. In 2005 the food

Source: NPR

2 MYTH: COLUMBUS DISCOVERED NORTH AMERICA CRACKED.COM Of course you can't discover a continent that has already been inhabited by people for thousands of years. Even if you adjust the claim to only include European travelers, that honor still goes to Norse explorer Leif Erikson, who landed in Newfoundland in 1000 A.D.

Source: NPR

MYTH: NEWTON DISCOVERED GRAVITY WHEN AN APPLE FELL ON HIS HEAD. CRACKED It was a falling apple that prompted Newton, as he tells it, to question what force brought the apple to Earth, as opposed to diagonally away from the tree or even straight up into the air. Newton never claimed the apple hit him and caused his eureka moment.

Source: BBC

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