14 Embarrassing, Desperate, Or Downright Sad Celebrity Moments To Make You Cringe

Shame. Shame! S H A M E !
14 Embarrassing, Desperate, Or Downright Sad Celebrity Moments To Make You Cringe

Celebrities are just like us, in that, occasionally, they're irredeemably awful and need to just slink away from society for a decade or two. Celebrities are masters of eliciting emotion. Fear, sadness, lust, excitement, even joy. Sometimes though, celebrities draw out different emotions than they probably intended. Sometimes, even our favorite celebs can do things that are embarrassing, desperate, or just downright sad enough to make us cringe.

It's not easy to be mega-famous, charismatic, and rich. Okay, maybe not that easy. The fact is, constant stress, scrutiny, and pressure can make even the best of us crack.

For example, no one saw the steamy canoodling-sesh between Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders (Director of Snow White and the Huntsman) coming. Least of all Robert Pattinson or Sanders' wife. Needless to say, the event not only blew up in the news, it also detonated their respective relationships.

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Ariana Grande's biological warfare Red CRACKED COM She was caught on security video licking a donut from a tray that was left on a counter. When the clip blew up online, the donut shop was swarmed by health inspectors and had its rating lowerd to a B.
Kristen Stewart caught canoodling CRACKED.COM Director Rupert Sanders is equally to blame here the two were caught by photographers making out after working together on Snow White and the Huntsman. Their cuddle sesh ultimately ended Sanders' marriage and Stewart's relationship with Robert Pattinson.
Tom Cruise riffs an entire new testament CRACKED.COM A top-secret Scientology pump-up video was unearthed in 2008 that featured Cruise burbling word salad for almost 10 minutes. He manages not to make a single coherent point while explaining that he won't rest until everyone in the world is a Scientologist.
Stacey Dash is, well, clueless CRACKED.COM The Clueless actress made headlines by calling for the abolition of Black History Month in 2016. At the oscars later that year, she ...joked? (citation needed) to the audience: Happy Black History Month!
David Hasselhoff handled his waning stardom with grace CRACKED.COM He had a short-lived, meta reality show, The Hasselhoffs, about his hamfisted attempts to shoehorn his daughters into the biz. And let's not forget HoffSpace, a 2008 social networking site for nobody, by a nobody.
Katherine Heigl started beef with her own writers CRACKEDG .COM Heigl made a whole thing about how she wasn't submitting herself for an Emmy, because she thought the writing on Grey's Anatomy wasn't up to snuff. The writers responded by, duh, writing her off the show.
Lil' Kim tried to pick a fight with Nicki Minaj CRACKED.COM LiP Kim accused Minaj of stealing her style, and actually succeeded in needling a diss track out her, which Minaj called Black Friday. Kim responded by releasing an entire album of the same name, which was met with a resounding yawn from coast to coast.
Lena Dunham can't get out of her own way FE CRACKED.COM Feminist icon Lena Dunham spent the majority of her most famous years making some truly upsetting claims and admissions. One of the tamest - yet most indicative of just how tone deaf she is - went like this: I can say that I still haven't had an abortion, but I wish I had.
Ryan Lochte: great swimmer, awful liar BC UI THUND HERBIROS CRACKED.COM In the middle of the 2016 Rio Olympics, at the height of his fame, Lochte and some teammates got in a bit of trouble campus. Lochte's instinct was to immediately get his mug in front of TV cameras and make up some half-baked story about being robbed at gunpoint.
James Franco's life is dumber than fiction CRACKED.co In 2013, he was promoting Palo Alto, a film where he plays an adult who has an affair with a teenager. That same year, a Scottish teen showed off some damning DMS with Franco, in which he (allegedly) tried to meet up with her at a hotel.
Robin Thicke's pathetic attempt to win back his wife CRACKEDO .COM His wife, actress Paula Patton, finally got sick of his laundry list of bullsh*t and left him in 2014. He swiftly dropped his new album, Paula, hoping it would manifest her back into his life. She didn't take the bait.
Spencer Pratt turned his son's birth into sponcon PrattDaddy.com @spencerpratt Shout out @crystalarium1 for dropping off $27,000 in crystals for the birth 10:04 PM Oct 1, 2017 292 13 Share this Tweet CRACKED.COM After losing their fortune to a false Mayan apocalypse, Pratt and Heidi Montag went all-in on their PrattDaddy brand. They've teamed up with Alex Jones to bemoan the New World Order, and even started a podcast called Make Speidi Famous Again.
Aaron Carter is a 6th degree black belt? CRACKED.COM In 2013, he cancelled a Boston show because, he said, a New Kids on the Block fan jumped him over some secret boy band turf war. Nevertheless, Carter claimed he won the fight, being a 6th degree black belt in Muay Thai - an honor that, notably, does not exist.
Soulja Boy: tech mogul CRACKEDO COM He sold the SouljaWatch, an Apple Watch knockoff, and the SouljaGame, a hastily re-branded and more expensive version of an existing gaming console you've never heard of.
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