15 Interesting Details In Early Drafts Of Beloved Movies

15 Interesting Details In Early Drafts Of Beloved Movies

There’s a reason narratives of all kinds, from short stories and novels to TV and movie scripts, go through multiple drafts. It’s exceedingly rare that the first version is the final version. Sure, the broad strokes of the plot might make it through each iteration intact, but it’s the details, the little morsels of the experience, that get worked and reworked until it’s just right. 

Pixar has to pull its punches because it punches too hard, Marvel has to dial back on their cameos lest they steal the spotlight and momentum of the story they’re telling at that moment, and the Game of Thrones guys one time didn’t shoehorn in something just because it “would be cool.” It’s these interesting details from the pre-production stage that makes people kick ass on trivia night, and so here are a few to hopefully level the playing field at the next one, because let’s be honest, Carl’s (or Karli or Jane or Terence or whatever your nemesis’ name is) tendency to win at trivia is getting really annoying.

Solo's original directors Lord and Miller wanted the movie to look dark and gritty. They wanted a gritty, grimy palette reflective of the seedy underbelly of conniving crooks, battle-weary war deserters and ruthless criminal syndicates. CRACKED.COM

Source: IndieWire

The original idea was for Poe to die at some point during The Force Awakens. That's what they pitched to oscar Isaac, and it's what he accepted -- but then they told him that they'll keep Poe alive after all, to his delight. CRACKED.COM

Source: GQ

Loki was supposed to die for good in Thor: The Dark World. Marvel changed tack only because audiences didn't buy that his death was permanent-- Loki was way too tricky and devious, they thought. CRACKED.COM

Source: DenOfGeek

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