What's The Deal: Bezos In Space

What's The Deal: Bezos In Space

This week, famous gold-hoarding dragon/Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took a trip into space through his company Blue Origin. Tell us in the comments: did you and your fellow peasants look up at the heavens and applaud as our lords touched the heavens?

WHAT'S THE DEAL: BEZOS IN SPACE Jeff Bezos Went To Space CRACKED.co COM Tuesday, July 20, Jeff Bezos, as well as 3 other passengers, went on one of the first ever commercial space flights, operated by Bezos' space tourism company Blue Origin.

WHAT'S THE DEAL: BEZOS IN SPACE Who Went With Him? BEEDS DAEMEN ORIGIN BLUE CRACKED.COM The crew of the flight included Bezos himself, his brother Mark Bezos, 18-year-old Oliver Daemen (whose father had purchased a ticket) and Wally Funk, member of a the all-female Mercury 13.

WHAT'S THE DEAL: BEZOS IN SPACE What did it cost Bezos? the NONEMARK Don IDD PR 10008679 CRACKEDo .COM Bezos hasn't stated spending pre-2017, but Blue Origin utilized approximately a billion dollars a year in funding from 2017-nov Which has sparked questions about its... necessity. Especially during a global pandemic.

Source: NYTimes

WHAT'S THE DEAL: BEZOS IN SPACE How long did it take? HILIGER CRACKED.co Blue Origin was founded in 2000, so a good twenty years. Meaning the original design for the rocket probably had tribal designs all over it.

WHAT'S THE DEAL: BEZOS IN SPACE Who else is doing it? 91 N202VG GRACKEDO .COM Bezos is competing with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk's SpaceX. The total student debt in the United States is 1.7 trillion dollars.

WHAT'S THE DEAL: BEZOS IN SPACE What's This All Mean? CRACKED.CO COM For probably 99.9% of the population, absolutely nothing. If you have a quarter million dollars burning a hole in one of your offshore tax havens, it means you have a new fun thing to do.


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