15 Left-Field Money-Making Methods Celebs Use To Get (And Stay) Rich

15 Left-Field Money-Making Methods Celebs Use To Get (And Stay) Rich

To be honest, we hope we could have a fraction of what all of these celebrities earn because we could live in a luxury apartment with a chauffeur. (Or, alternatively, we could just wipe out our school loans.) Celebrities, on the other hand, can't simply make money from their signatures! It's all about expanding that portfolio in the current marketplace, which means the things you know people for aren't necessarily the things that make them wealthy. 

Because celebrities have such a strong bond with their fans, organizations constantly pay them to make appearances, host talks, or promote their products in their message. Sponsorships, and product placements, can include everything from free products to minor payouts to large sums of money. Turns out them’s that has, gets.

Have you ever wondered how Queen Elizabeth gets the money she needs to support herself and her corgis? No? The answer is a duchy from the thirteenth century, obviously. Here's the whole thing, plus 14 more:

Kourtney Kardashian's ex-husband Scott Disick could make $80,000 at clubs. To make that money, he'd just have to show up at the 10AK club in Las Vegas and stay there for at least one hour, and he'd get paid-that's it. CRACKED.COM

Source: GQ

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