13 Bizarre Public Campaigns From Modern Governments

13 Bizarre Public Campaigns From Modern Governments

Is there anything more terrifying than a politician's campaign video? You know the ones – the sweaty, desperate people with tight smiles and loose morals , informing you in a honeyed, smarmy voice that they they need your vote? Well, brace yourself–if you thought individual politicians were bad, wait until you see their governments in action. we’ve collected some of the weirdest and most bizarre public campaigns from modern governments. From singing politicians to platforms made entirely of ice cream, these videos will make you laugh (or maybe cringe) until your sides hurt.

The fact is that governments all over the world have taken to some pretty bizarre public campaigns in order to get their messages out there. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're strange, but they’re always interesting. It seems interesting, right. So make some big popcorn and get chompin’because we have one serious line up for you!

Scroll down for some really bizarre examples of public campaigns. Don’t even get us started about the time Berlin tried to use mimes to shame people into drinking less.

Japan is planning to use AI to help people successfully date and find long-term partners. It's part of Japan's plan to get its birth rate up, and it involves applying AI to the matchmaking services that local governments already run. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

Russia created a Safe Selfie campaign with a booklet about what not to do. The booklet, distributed in schools, says you shouldn't do things like climbing an electrical pylon or hanging from a rooftop just to get likes. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: UPI

Berlin tried to use mimes to deal with drunken tourists in the streets at night. rop MAP The mimes would go out in groups of four and let people take photos with them while exerting social pressure on tourists to act appropriately. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: VICE

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