We don't agree with James Corden on much, but we're certainly on his side when it comes to cows V. Meryl Streep. Know your place, cows.

Marcel the monkey FRIENDS CRACKED .COM Katie the monkey was supposed to be a series regular, but blew her shot by pooping, puking, and eating worms at every opportunity. David Schwimmer famously hated his scene partner: wish it were dead.

Source: EW

Bart the Bear... Jr? GAME OF THRONES CRACKED.COM Apparently not related to the original Bart, but definitely named after him, this Bart was a real dud. Nikolaj Coster-Walday said he required a round of applause just to leave his trailer: The whole crew had to applaud and go, 'Yeaaaaaah, Bart! Come on, Bart! You're the best!

Source: EW

Cozette the dog THE SOPRANOS CRACKED .COM Even the trainer of the fussy Maltese, named Little Nicky, admitted that the dog kind of sucked at acing. Drea de Matteo agreed: she was always biting us. That's about the last thing you want YOUR scene partner to be doing.

Source: EW

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