Considering John C. Reilly's masterful comedic performance and the brilliantly written soundtrack, it’s a real shame Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story never managed to reach the heights of popularity it deserved. Despite an underwhelming box office, the movie at least managed to become a cult classic over time. It is amazing that while there are some wild gags that the movie has some magnificent songs and songwriting that is unmatched by many films outside of the comedy genre.

It's amazing to know how much Walk Hard played hard. You cannot believe how many songs were written and sets that were built for the movie. The cast themselves learned how to play all of the instruments. Even John C. Reilly himself was embarrassed at how much money was spent on a movie starring him.

While the box office didn't give the movie its due, we can. Here are 15 behind-the-scenes facts about this underrated comedy:

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