Weird World: 12 Bizarre Events Almost Nobody Picked Up On

Someone is asking half a million dollars for a house that smells too bad to view.
Weird World: 12 Bizarre Events Almost Nobody Picked Up On

TV news drops the ball. Often. And hard.

While they are clogging the airwaves with stories about political squabbles, changes in weather patterns, car accidents on the freeway, local police assaulting a random person, or a woman who is just mad at a public school accepting a gay kid, there are other stories out there. Stories that are bizarre and more interesting than what you typically see on local news or even 24-hour news networks. Stories that will hold your attention more than a bunch of random anchors still at a coffee table discussing current events while sharing the coldest hot takes since that Burger King breakfast sandwich that you left in your car for two hours.

That's where we come in. We at Cracked compiled a bunch of actually interesting and bizarre stories from around the world to start your day off right. Sure, you won't know what the traffic is like, but you'll at least know this stuff:

WEIRD WORLD A guy in Baltimore who'd had a heart attack stole an ambulance to get to the hospitals CITY BALTIMORE 18 FIRE DEPARTMENT 0 When the Fire Department Medical Unit responded to a call, he jumped into the ambulance and drove off and he really had a medical crisis, apparently. CRACKED.COM

Source: NBC

WEIRD WORLD A guy accused of double murder acted as his own lawyer (it didn't end well). He also shouted at juries and prosecutors, and actually confessed to killing his girlfriend at the time. Unsurprisingly, he was found guilty. CRACKED.COM

Source: NBC

WEIRD WORLD Someone pulled off a huge pistachio heist in California, stealing 000 pounds. Police arrested a man they suspect was involved in hauling off the pistachios (which cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars). CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

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