Tell Us Now: 20 Lessons We Learned From The Pandemic

Tell Us Now: 20 Lessons We Learned From The Pandemic

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What was the biggest lesson you personally learned from the pandemic?” There were a lot of similar sentiments, mostly a loss of faith in humanity's intelligence. Read twenty responses below. 

TELL US NOW. Sherman D. learned, ...the vast majority of people wouldn't survive a zombie apocalypse... CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Taylor N. says, I learned that, even though I was washing my hands more thoroughly than most people I've observed, I still wasn't washing them correctly. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Daniel M. says, I appreciated learning how well my wife and I work together when working from home...and how much we love working from home! CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Brian T. says, Teachers and daycare workers need to make a billion dollars a year. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Francine M. learned, That people are more selfish and uneducated than I ever thought possible. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Jeff H. learned, People have been standing way too close to me on the subway before Covid. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. TJR learned, How little my social life would be impacted by a nationwide quarantine. Probably could have gone with not learning that. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Martha C. says, I learned I didn't need my job to be fulfilled. I worked the hardest I've ever worked for the last year, and I could never connect my job to my passion. I just quit a month ago and I'm the happies I've ever been! CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Nat D.says, Turns out the people most vital and essential to keeping society functioning and the economy going are the poorest paid and get the least respect. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Derrick S. says, Sad lesson learned actually, I learned that you can get on you knees and beg people to appeal to their better nature, and find out they don't have one. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Shane H. says, Personally I've realized the meaning of my mortality, and the value of being able to taste pizza properly. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Annie B. shares, I learned that the difference between a 'low skill' job and an 'essential' job is the threat to the comfort level of the middle and upper class. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Patrik N. says, I am apparently well-suited for isolation; I thrive in solitude. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. CLOSED Until Further Notice Joel R. says, There are two types of people in America. Those who will seriously inconvenience themselves to save others, and those that will sacrifice others to avoid being inconvenienced. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Toby J. learned, Most governments having been putting profits of their big industry mates first rather than the safety of the people they're meant to be governing. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Edgar G. learned, That even a person like me that hates going outside or being at parties needs fresh air and people around. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Zach W. says, I'm middle-aged now, so I feel like I've seen a thing a two, that I understand a bit about the world. But never have I been so certain that the US just simply will not ever solve or deal with any of its problems. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Tanya C. learned, That ignorance and stupidity are much worse, wide-ranging and damaging than we ever imagined, and something has to be done to address the gross lack of critical thinking skills that afflicts SOOOO many people... CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Cathy L. learned, That retail and restaurant workers are just as essential as the rest of US and deserve to be treated and paid as such. Don't look down on people who work there either. Someone made that Big Mac because you were too lazy to cook it. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Michael I. says, Contrary to popular belief, alcohol calories DO count... CRACKED.COM
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