Growing up, our favorite movie. and television characters may not have been the best influences. After all, children aren't known for their discernment. Here are 13 characters to give a second look with a critical eye…

SEVERUS SNAPE Alan Rickman was great, but the character's redemptive incel arc? Not SO much. CRACKED.COM

LONG DUK DONG Sixteen Candles is a rough nowadays, but nothing is quite as insufferable as the racist stereotypes the character emobodied. CRACKED.COM

SI AND AM The Lady and the Tramp antagonists rely on heavy Asian stereotypes to taunt Lady and cause havoc. CRACKED.COM

POWER RANGERS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a lesson in racial stereotypes, starting with the Rangers' color choices. CRACKED.COM

PEPE LE PEW The cartoon skunk stalks and sexually assaults Penelope Pussycat, in a weird French stereotype. CRACKED.COM

BORAT Borat is a smart film that punches up. However, the constant quoting ruined the character. (Borat 2 is relevant, even with this though.) CRACKED.COM

MANGO The Saturday Night Live character (arguably) now reeks of using homophobia for laughs. CRACKED.COM

CLIFF HUXTABLE With Bill Cosby's sexual assault cases, it's hard to be charmed by the purity of The Cosby Show anymore. CRACKED.COM

FLASHBACK MONICA Almost any character wearing a fat suit for the laughs is just cringey. CRACKED.COM

COPS The reality show is deeply unsettling when you realize it's just exploitative reality show copaganda. CRACKED.COM

CHUCK BASS Chuck is an attempted rapist in the first episode of Gossip Girl, yet somehow becomes a romantic icon? CRACKED.COM

BARNEY STINSON Legend-wait for it-oh nevermind, deceiving women into sex doesn't sound SO great anymore. CRACKED.COM

APU attoms down and CU bottoms UP! Hairs FAST! Hank Azaria has won three Emmys for his voice-over work for the racist caricature on The Simpsons. CRACKED.COM

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