13 Robin Williams Facts To Delight And Entertain

13 Robin Williams Facts To Delight And Entertain

Robin Williams was a man with a big personality. He encapsulated what he called "hyper-comedy" on screen as well as the stage. Off-screen, he was concerned about social causes and the father of 3 kids: Zelda, Zak, and Cody. Since his early demise on August 11, 2014, HBO has aired the series of documentaries Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, aimed directly by Marina Zenovich, that also recounts his emergence on the stand-up comedy camera shots in the 1970s, with his more dramatic roles in winner movies like Dead Poets Society, Vietnam; Awakenings, Good Morning and The Fisher King; and Good Will Hunting.

In 2018, a mural of Williams' face appeared in Chicago, his homeland; the year before, writer Dave Iztkoff published a book, Robin.

There will never be another comedian like Robin Williams. He became a legend due to his high energy, improvisation skills, and acting chops. Even after his death, he continues to amuse and delight us with the following 13 stories.

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AT A GLANCE ROBIN WILLIAMS During his apperance on Inside the Actors Studio, an audience member got a hernia from laughing SO hard. James Lipton confirmed that the audience member had to leave in an ambulance. CRACKED.COM

Source: People

AT A GLANCE ROBIN WILLIAMS The children in Mrs. Doubtfire originally met Robin Williams in costume, introduced as Chris Columbus's mother They believed it, passing the test as the initial guinea pigs to see if the costume was believable. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

AT A GLANCE ROBIN WILLIAMS He went to Julliard for college but got his stand-up start in a church basement After college, he went to a comedy workshop in the basement of a Lutheran church, which was his first time practicing stand-up. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR


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