Robin Williams was a man with a big personality. He encapsulated what he called "hyper-comedy" on screen as well as the stage. Off-screen, he was concerned about social causes and the father of 3 kids: Zelda, Zak, and Cody. Since his early demise on August 11, 2014, HBO has aired the series of documentaries Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, aimed directly by Marina Zenovich, that also recounts his emergence on the stand-up comedy camera shots in the 1970s, with his more dramatic roles in winner movies like Dead Poets Society, Vietnam; Awakenings, Good Morning and The Fisher King; and Good Will Hunting.

In 2018, a mural of Williams' face appeared in Chicago, his homeland; the year before, writer Dave Iztkoff published a book, Robin.

There will never be another comedian like Robin Williams. He became a legend due to his high energy, improvisation skills, and acting chops. Even after his death, he continues to amuse and delight us with the following 13 stories.

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AT A GLANCE ROBIN WILLIAMS Robin Williams quietly donated $50,000 of proceeds to a Seattle food bank ALAIN QUIT MOULIN ludi Volunteers at the West Seattle Food Bank revealed Williams performed three shows and donated all the proceeds without telling anyone. CRACKED.COM

Source: USA Today

AT A GLANCE ROBIN WILLIAMS In order to convince Williams to voice Genie, Disney did a test animation of Genie to part of his stand-up routine. Robins quickly signed on, seeing the potential of voice acting and starting a celebrity voice acting craze. CRACKED.COM

Source: LA Times

AT A GLANCE ROBIN WILLIAMS Williams wrote a letter to the principal of a child actor from Mrs. Doubtfire after she was expelled Lisa Jakub was expelled from school after missing too for filming SO Williams wrote a letter defending her character and work and asking her to be able to return. CRACKED.COM

Source: Lisa Jakub

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