What's New With Science? 12 Grab-and-Go Findings

Fun science facts, for people on the go.
What's New With Science? 12 Grab-and-Go Findings

Did you know that science is capable of some pretty fantastic things? For example, it can help us understand the universe and all of its complexities. Or it can help us develop new and innovative technologies. And, of course, science is always working to improve our understanding of the world around us. So if you're curious about what science is up to lately or just want to learn more about some cool scientific concepts, then this post is for you!

In science, it's often said that you must "publish or perish." What this means is that in order to maintain a successful career as a scientist, you must regularly produce high-quality work that can be published in scholarly journals. The problem is that this can be hard to do when you're constantly being pulled in different directions.

While you were busy sleeping, some researcher somewhere was working. We read findings, so you don't have to in order to keep up with our expanding knowledge of the world. Here are 12 recent discoveries to keep your mind fresh…

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