We all know celebrities. We see them on T.V., in magazines, and online. They're the rich and famous people who always seem to have it all. Everyone knows that celebrities have resumes just like the rest of us. And while they usually contain all of the expected information - such as jobs, honors, and awards - sometimes there are a few unexpected bullet points. For example, did you know that... 

This post is all about some of the more surprising things that can be found on celebrities' resumes. Whether it's Justin Timberlake's stint as a janitor or Rihanna's work as a sales clerk at Saks Fifth Avenue, these tidbits are sure to surprise and entertain readers.

What is your worst ever celebrity encounter? Is it that time one of their bodyguards smacked you across the room? Or did you, too, think it best to explain to a member of the British royal family what a “booty call” is? Because some pretty famous people will relate to your story. Here’s a list of some pretty awkward first moments between famous people.

KRISTEN BELL AND DAX SHEPARD MEET RIZ AHMED The couple met Ahmed at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards. Bell said she immediately blurted out that she found Ahmed very attractive, to which Shepard added:  made him very nervous, because he immediately looked at me and he thought, 'Is this their perverse setup? Now he's going to get jealous and fight for her? Bell then told Ahmed that she just thought he was fabulous and, you know, easy on the eyes. CRACKED.COM


KEVIN COSTNER AND MADONNA Costner met Madonna backstage at one of her concerts that were part of her 1991 documentary, Truth or Dare. Costner told her that her concert was neat, to which she responded by sticking her finger down her throat and saying, Anybody who says my show is 'neat' has to go. She later apologized to Costner for the incident. CRACKED.COM


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