Stand-up comedy is very, very hard. It takes most people years of hoisting themselves up on stage in front of a bunch of usually drunk chuckleheads to really get a handle on the craft. And then there's the whole thing about why it's always so cold in comedy clubs. So yeah, it's not like you just warp your way to funny in a heartbeat.

And no where is it more clear, actually, just how hard stand-up comedy is than in the movies. You'd think with writers and trained actors portraying comedians that it'd be a slam dunk, but it's exactly the opposite. Yes, not even Tinsel Town can pull it off, apparently.

Even our funniest actors have a hard time pulling off onscreen stand-up comedy. The jokes often fall flat, especially when the ‘audience’ goes nuts over the supposed gut-busters. Here are 12 cinematic stand-ups who come off more hacky than hilarious. So scroll on down to check out some unbearably bland movie stand ups…

Billy Crystal mentors flailing comic BEN SCHWARTZ STANDING UP FALLING DOWN CRACKED.COM To be fair, Schwartz' is playing a comic trying to find his voice, SO polished stand-up isn't the goal here. Still, the film's least effective moments are the ones that feel like 'bits' a riff on social media and 'being white' while hanging out in a bar.

The Wrap

The second time wasn't the charm for BOB DE NIRO THE COMEDIAN CRACKED.COM Unlike Rupert Pupkin in King of Comedy, De Niro's Jackie is supposed to be an awesome comedian. But he's just not that convincing. You sense that he's trying too hard, when the secret to great stand-up is its effortlessness.


I can make a comedy about anything, thought ALBERT BROOKS LOOKING FOR COMEDY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD CRACKED.COM The movie's conceit is that Albert Brooks (playing Albert Brooks) is a huge comedy star in the United States, but his jokes don't translate to a Muslim audience. The movie's dismal box office says the yuks weren't appreciated by Joe Cineplex either.


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