Weird World: 12 Pretty Strange Recent Headlines You Might’ve Missed

Weird World: 12 Pretty Strange Recent Headlines You Might’ve Missed

Setting up an alcohol distillery is one of the last things you should be doing near the Chernobyl nuclear reactor … right? Well, not if you ask the scientists who work there. Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:

WEIRD WORLD A woman in Brisbane, Australia, got an Irish accent after tonsil surgery. She thinks it's a case of foreign accent syndrome, which is a rare consequence of brain damage -- but she hasn't gotten an official diagnosis yet, and she's baffled by the fact that the accent appeared 10 days after surgery. CRACKED.COM

Source: 7News

WEIRD WORLD A Canadian retreat for sex assault survivors somehow let in a sex offender. Dr. Manulea Joannou Dr. Manuela Joannou, who ran Project Trauma Support, used a retired Canadian Forces major (who was a registered sex offender) as a peer mentor for survivors with PTSD. That was in 2018, and she only apologized in 2021. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBC

WEIRD WORLD A Milwaukee bakery printed images of a burglary suspect on their cookies. The bakery got robbed on April 19, and the owners got the suspect's face on camera. So, we made delicious sugar cookies with his image on them! they said in a Facebook post. They hoped somebody could ID the suspect, and it worked. CRACKED.COM

Source: NxtTV

WEIRD WORLD A man in Auckland, New Zealand drew elaborate penises around potholes. Geoff Upson has been doing it since 2018 to draw attention to the long-standing problem of potholes on Auckland's roles - but, three years later, the authorities took legal action against him rather than fix the potholes. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBC

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